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Package com.declarativa.interprolog.util

Interface Summary
OutputListener Interface by which an OutputHandler client can receive output to analyse
RecognizerListener An object that is notified when a Recognizer detects a string

Class Summary
BasicTypeWrapper A class used to serialize basic type values (int, boolean,...).
GoalFromJava Represents a goal from Java, called through deterministicGoal
GoalToExecute A goal scheduled to execute in Prolog whenever possible
InvisibleObject Instances represent objects which are not serialized to/from Prolog, and that are kept in a table by a Prolog engine
IPClassObject Represents a Java class object; avoids the need to use a full blown object specifier for the real Java class object (a Class instance) on the Prolog side, by relying on the Java call-back mechanism to interpret the contents of this object at callback time
IPClassVariable Represents a Java class variable; allow the Prolog side to conveniently refer any class variable
MessageExecuting Object to help coordinate a javaMessage execution in the Java side.
MessageFromProlog Represents a message from Prolog, performed by predicate javaMessage
ObjectRegistry Remembers a set of Java objects, allowing access to them by an (integer) ID
OutputHandler An object consuming input from a stream, analysing it and sending messages to a list of OutputListener objects; if a debugStream is provided it gets a copy of all the input read
PrologOutputObjectStream Vaguely similar to an ObjectOutputStream, but sends the total number of serialized bytes up front, so Prolog can keep grammar and socket reads separate without hanging for input.
Recognizer A simple pattern recognizor used in error detection.
ResultFromJava Used to serialize results for javaMessage
ResultFromProlog Used to serialize results for deterministicGoal
VariableNode TermModel node for a free Prolog variable.

Exception Summary
IPAbortedException An Exception thrown when Prolog is aborted
IPException An Exception related to Prolog processing in general
IPInterruptedException An Exception thrown when Prolog is interrupted
IPPrologError An Exception originated by a Prolog error

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