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Welcome to Declarativa, an European software development and consultancy company.
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Development Tools

Web Application Maker 
Open source web interface generator for multi-user SQL Server databases. Makes complete DB interfaces with a single click, and web form fragments through model-based developer API. Sources included. Open source Java/Prolog developer API, allowing Java front-ends to use Prolog back-ends for applications in knowledge extraction, data cleaning, business rule agents, games, etc.  Supports XSB Prolog.


(information in Portuguese)
Workflow and document management framework. Its declarative approach fully integrates with SQL data and rules and provides a complete web user interface. Undo of wokflow tasks, automated user coaching and monitoring, external entity (contact) management, GoogleMaps-based georeferencing, and more.
(information in Portuguese)
Web-based software for controlled emission and management of ad and news content over Plasma screens, TFTs, POS etc. Applicable to retail surfaces, building halls, elevators, etc Web platform to embed remote catalogs in affiliated sites, featuring an interactive iTunes desktop-like interface.


Auditing and Consultancy Custom internet applications R&D subcontracting
Information System diagnosis, IS development planning, internet strategy advising Software development  for intranets, extranets,  B2B portals. "Internetization".

Some customers. A Mac OS X dashboard widget.

Software engineering and applied research projects


Declarativa was incubated at Servisoft and features an experienced team. Two Declarativa projects (RegionDoc e WAM) are partially funded by QREN.

Some news:

  • February 9, 2011 - InterProlog product roadmap presented at New University of Lisbon
  • Oct 21, 2005 - InterProlog 2.1.2 adds support for YAP Prolog, the fastest open source logic engine
  • Jan 2, 2005 - The new XSB Project TimeCard System, a  WAM-based custom app, goes live at XSB, Inc. in Long Island, NY.
  • Nov 24, 2005 - iProducts, a visually iTunes-inspired and  live product catalog front-end for embedding into partner websites, was made available by Servisoft after development by Declarativa
  • Nov 4, 2004 - Presentation at the Rapid model-based development.panel  of the portuguese IS conference of a WAM app developed for the Defense Logistics Agency
  • Sep 27,  2004 - Presentation at the 9th European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence of the new InterProlog 2.1 release, the first Java/Prolog developer tool to support more than one Prolog system
  • April 2004 - iLab, a  new WAM-based Laboratory Information Management System custom-made for the largest  wine region in Europe , went into production

Older news

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