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Other web database and related tools

The main WAM difference regarding other tools lies in pushing the web interface specifications to the database itself; not by introducing some artificial representation, but by exploiting the standard database meta data and complementing it with minimal extra information. 

So whereas for example most database grid ASP components are configurable at the web scripting layer, WAM objects efficiently introspect the database and the WAMmodel to get the information they need in most situations. More precise control can be achieved via direct messaging to WAM objects, whose source is available.

See Piero Fraternali's 1999 comprehensive survey report (apparently a variant was published in ACM Surveys). More systems, commercial and academic:

Project Warning: preliminary and biased comments!
Aleph Tcl implementation; internal simple database
ARANEUS Database tables, ADM objects, navigational algebra
ArsDigita ACS Geared towards content management and enterprise collaboration; philosophy
ASP-db API designed around SQL statements and grid objects, no model
ASPRunner Wizard that generates ASP database forms
ASP Web Database Interface Builder Another wizard that generates ASP database forms
Autoweb HDM-Lite: hyper base, access and presentation schemas
CodeCharge Tools attempt to reproduce desktop RAD experience (e.g. Access) for web development
Dataphor Interesting tool whose GUI specifications are based on "difference structures"
DBForms Java Servlet and JSP based; uses JSP custom tags
Formweb Generic declarative web form EJB-based framework, geared towards data-centric applications
Haht HAHTsite Scenario Workbench; no specific models
Live Web Type-based system
OOHDM Object-Oriented Hypermedia Design Model
Oracle Designer Uses extended ER models
PowerBuilder DataWindows
RADpage Online assembling of components
RENT-A-DB Easy construction and front-ending of hosted databases
Ruby on Rails Code generation and runtime system for the Ruby language
SQLweb Language for HTML templates
Strudel Data graph + site-definition query in StruQL = site graph, fed to template-drive HTML generator
SureCode Tool seems to be sold only with their applications, not for developers
Tiramisu Uses Strudel
WAM Web Application Maker, generates GUI fragments based on WAMmodel
Web Data Blade Informix; WebExplode function
Web Data Manager Allows easy development of administrative front-ends for SQL Server
Web Forms Part of Microsoft's ASP+ / .Net platform
WebComposition (WCML)
WebHub For Delphi development
WebML Notation for specifying complex sites at the conceptual level
WebObjects Direct to Web feature
WebRatio Uses WebML
WebSphere Studio EJB oriented
XEO Uses XML object oriented meta-model
XWMF eXtensible Web Modelling Framework, RDF based
ZeroCode Database schema changes imply Java object rebuilding. "User Level Data Models" (UDMs)

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