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WAM is currently powering web applications at XSB, Inc. for the DoD (Stony Brook, NY), the Vinho Verde Commission (largest wine region in Europe), Servisoft (a computer product distributor), Portuguese Ministry of Economy and Centro Regional de Artes Tradicionais (Porto, Portugal). 

Academic licensees include Universidade Nova de Lisboa (for use in the FLUX research project, POSI/SRI/40958/2001) and Universidade Portucalense (for use in an advanced web development course)

Customer / project

Screen shots

XSB, Inc., Stony Brook, NY, USA: front-end to SQL Server database, project for DoD's Defense Logistics Agency.  About 30 tables, 2 distinct user profiles, many millions of records.

Vinho Verde Commission, Porto: regional portal for the largest wine region in Europe, where WAM is being used in all backoffice modules; several extranet modules to remotely fill forms for wine production declaration and other processes.

Servisoft, Porto, a hardware/software distributor: extension and re-implementation over intranet/extranet of its Information System, a custom-made "ERP light" system; to cover all major activities from web click-stream monitoring to invoicing, supply shipment tracking etc. About 53 database tables, 4 distinct user profiles, hundreds of SQL stored procedures with business logic. Used by 7 people in-house, 300 dealers over extranet, a few thousand "anonymous" users through public site.

Regional Center for Craftsmanship (CRAT), Porto: small intranet app to maintain their database (places, products, artisans) with images etc., including a synchronized public online version. About 12 tables, 3 user profiles. Entry page for internal users shown here.

Portuguese Ministry of Economy, North Delegation, Porto:

Institutional meta-information repository documenting all existing software applications, shown here.

Declarativa, Porto: application for invoicing and project control, includes interface for customers

CCDR-N, Porto: Information Systems Repository application, including data and meta-data for about 50 applications, including WAM front-ends to browse data

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