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WAM System Requirements

WAM can work either on a single Windows 2000/XP Professional machine, or on a multiple server configuration. Windows XP Home Edition is not supported because it lacks IIS.

Like any other web database system, WAM has a distributed architecture over 3 systems, which may or not deploy in separate machines, referred below as 


WAM must be installed onto a WEB_SERVER with  Internet Information Server 5.0 , on Windows 2000 or XP, that is able to connect to a SQL Server 2000 or MSDE (running as the DATA_SERVER).

As the BROWSER_TERMINAL WAM supports Internet Explorer 5 or later over Windows or Macintosh; Netscape support available shortly upon request. 

For demo or development purposes a single Windows machine may accumulate the above roles DATA_SERVER, WEB_SERVER, BROWSER_TERMINAL. In production environments both the number of DATA_SERVERs and WEB_SERVERs may scale up, for reliability/application logic reasons, and multi-user performance reasons, respectively.

Preliminary (still little tested) support is included also for IBM/Informix IDS 9 as DATA_SERVER, and for WAP 1.1 compliant mobile phones as BROWSER_TERMINAL

External WAM components used:

  • HierMenus: WAM uses an old open source version (3.10) of this product, whose license terms preclude its use in public sites without a visible copyright notice. This code is used to pick columns during WAM list configuration and WAMAdmin edition of lookups. So far WAM is used to implement nonpublic websites. But if your project displays WAM lists to anonymous users then you need to get a license from
  • ASPUpload: WAM assumes this component to be installed in WEB_SERVER when doing image uploads, it's otherwise unnecessary. So if your project requires user image uploading you should get a license from Persits Software and install their COM object into your server.

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