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WAM web interface fragments

WAM is essentially a web database front-end fragment factory, which works based on simple declarative specifications tied to the underlying (database) application:

GUI fragment

Description - what users get



A form to display/edit a record or view tuple, and save or delete it if database permissions allow

Row field

A row element for a table column, possibly with a title
Performs data type validation

Lookup field

Displays a field in a related table; typically one or more lookup field appears next to the relating foreign key
Includes navigation link to master table (in field caption), handles direct and inverse (looked-up to foreign key value) looking up from any field, includes link to pick a value from (master table) list


A form displaying a subset of a table, view or user-defined join , including user-defined sorting , column positioning and navigation over the record set , possibly filtered with a search criterion, data exporting button, etc.
The user can add any (transitively) related columns through the   hierarchical menu

List column

Displays all values of a database column in a list


A form to specify list filter criteria over the list table columns (also supports criteria with simple logical operators and over related tables)

Embedded (detail) list

Like a list, but restricted to the context of a related table; appears inside the master row

Standalone detail list

Like Embedded list, but appears in a standalone window, and includes a description of the related table context, using lookup fields

Procedure invoking button

A button which invokes either a database stored procedure or an external (ASP) page

List set

A set of buttons to navigate to lists in the application


Similar to a row field, but providing quick search and navigation to a single tuple row or to a list


A “breadcrumb” style hierarchical navigation style, appearing at the top of WAM generated pages and providing direct navigation to previous application pages

Error Report

Transact-SQL or JavaScript originated multi-lingual error alerts, followed by field focusing if appropriate

The above fragments are produced from specifications referring the database relational structure, and the WAMmodel; the WAMAdmin tool allows direct edition of the relevant WAMmodel records from the generated web pages.

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