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Web Application Maker Price List - Jan 21, 2003

The below conditions and prices may change without notice. For other usage scenarios contact

WAM - Overall licensing conditions

  • WAM is provided "as is", without any warranties, and Declarativa is not liable in any way for harm directly or indirectly caused by the use of WAM
  • The license does not allow the use of WAM in an "Application Service Provider" scenario, in which case each entity must purchase a separate license
  • The licensee realizes WAM is proprietary software and a critical Declarativa business asset, and will therefore preserve its confidentiality, and do its best efforts so that all its employees, consultants, vendors and other entities with access to WAM also do. 
  • WAM sources are registered at the Portuguese BSA representative ASSOFT (deposit 791/D/02)
  • Licensing may be declined for developers serving Declarativa customers figuring in its public reference list (in Portuguese), to be determined on a case by case basis

WAMLB - WAM Load Balancer

WAM's load balancer is available separately from WAM, please contact either for details.

WAM - Trial License

  • Free binary license for a single developer to evaluate the product for 30 days.
  • The licensee agrees not to inspect or reverse engineer the WAMLibrary files

WAM - Library License

Perpetual, non-transmissible license to use all WAM components, such as WAMLibrary, WAMAdmin, Transact-SQL scripts and documentation, including full source code access.

  • It's a single SQL Server site license, in that it gives the right to develop and/or deploy several web applications hosted in a single corporation (premises) site, accessing the same SQL Server. Although this license allows multi-developer, multi-application, and multi-web server scenarios, it is recommended that realistic support service is contracted to cater for the increased need of support these situations may entail. 
  • Includes Support Service for the first month

PRICE: contact

WAM - Annual Support Service

This is available to WAM licensees for a flat fee, that includes the following:

  • Upgrades to WAM available as Declarativa develops them, at least once per quarter
  • Up to 6 hours support over web teleconferencing
  • Up to a total of 60 hours support/project coaching effort to distribute over phone, email and off-line analysis

PRICE: EUR 6 000 € (USD $7 000 )

More extensive support options are available, at cost proportional to the anticipated support time. 

WAM - Academic License

A free WAM Library License made available to select universities or research institutions, under informal but objective collaboration protocols, involving the use of WAM in class assignments, joint R&D projects or other situations analyzed on a case basis; please contact if you're interested. 


Please send an email or fax to the contacts below, with full individual or institution identification data including physical address. A zip file will be emailed after payment is received by either:

  • Wire transfer or check in USD or EUR, payable to Declarativa

Portuguese customers must add 21% VAT/IVA; other European Union companies too, unless they provide their European tax number

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